Holy Water from the beginning time has been used for ceremonial anointings, blessings, baptisms, cleansing, protection and warding off evil. This water is kept in a holy water font, which is prayed over 24 hours a day before we put it in bottles. This water is an intimate connection with God and through prayer and daily use it will bring miraculous blessings to you. It brings the presence of God around you and creates amazing miracles of God in your life if used daily.

Throughout the centuries people around the world have used holy waters in miraculous ways. Mystic Water has sourced all some are, Our Lady of Lourdes in France, Pochaev Lavra in Ukraine, The Life-Giving Spring of the Theotokos in Constantinople, Our lady Guadalupe in Mexico, Zam Zam water that comes from a spring near the Kaaba in Mecca, River Ganges, Jordan River, Vatican Water sacred waters. These waters are a combination of all of these and many more.

Magic in woman hands on dark background


Miracles manifest when you use this water through prayer and contact with God.  This water comes from the most sacred and holy places on the Earth. By using it and bringing the presence of God all around you, it can do miraculous things.

Praise the Lord


There is no better gift than a blessing. This water will bring blessings to you, because we carefully selected this water from sacred places around the world. It will bring blessings to you and allow you to bless others.

The King Who Can Cleanse


We all know how important it is to feel good and have positive energies around us and our loved ones.  Use this water to keep bad energies away and promote goodness  in your life.  Remove negativity all around you and bring happiness and abundance back to your life.

Magic in the Water

Our water is gathered from the most sacred holy places on Earth (Jordan River, Ganges River, Osun River, Vatican City, Macau China.) There is magic in this bottle and it is sourced from miraculous places.

Prosperity in the Water

This water will bless you and protect you, and bring prosperity to you from the Devine.

Blessings in the Water

Use this water everyday: bless your home, bless your family, bless your business.This will ensure that you and your loved ones are always bringing the light of God around you to be protected and bless.

Protection in the Water

Need protection for negative forces? This water is a 'weapon' against negative intensions. Keep protected from any bad energy or situations in your day to day life. Invision the goodness and light this water will bring into your life. 

Why This Holy Water?

This water is special. There is no other water like this. We have gathered the most sacred water sources, and it is the most blessed water on the planet earth. We combine all the sacred waters to make the ultimate holy water. It is continuously prayed over. It has the spirit of the divine with higher vibrations, prayers, and positive affirmations 24 hours a day. Bring this amazing energy to you and your life to make positive change.

It is really awesome

I just feel covered with goodness, light and love with this, and although I’m not particularly religious I’m more spiritual, but I use this on my body to cleanse my spirit.

Sense of peace

From my experience I have learned that there is nothing like Mystic Water to stop bad vibrations and prevent them from coming back. For my own part, whenever I use it, my soul feels better and most notable a great sense of peace.

Beautiful gift

The power of prayer when using this water has had unbelievable results and blessings! Mystic Water is one of those beautiful gifts from God to keep us holy in our daily lives and to keep God around us at all times and his blessings upon us.