Holy water has been used throughout centuries in different religions as a means of purification in religious ceremonies like baptisms and Sunday masses and as a vessel to marry the physical and spiritual realm. There are many benefits to using holy water and even using them in your daily life at home. Here is a list of a few benefits of holy water.

Holy Water Protects from Evil

First used by the famous mystic St Teresa of Avila, she used it to combat the presence of a devil who appeared by her side late one night in the chapel. She describes how she threw it in the direction of the devil and though he said that he would return, the holy water drove him away forever.

Holy Water can Help Curb Temptations

Part of the prayer used to bless the holy water pleas God to help us rid ourselves of the wickedness of the devil as well as any delusions or unclean spirits. The prayer also asks to protect against evil and any spiritual depravity. So the next time you are feeling tempted to act out any evil deeds, try blessing yourself with holy water by taking a bit of holy water on your fingers and making a cross.

Holy Water can Help Boost Your Health

One of the traditional uses of water is to aid those who are experiencing illnesses in their mind, body or soul. If you or a loved one is suffering from sickness, pray to God to ask for help from the pain and hurt and for good health. However, holy water can also be used as a pre-emptive measure to ward off future illnesses. You can pray for illnesses now and for future sicknesses to be dispelled with the sprinkling of holy water.

Holy Water Helps Cleanse Souls from Temporal Punishments and Forgivable Sins

Doctors of the Catholic Church agree that using holy water can help in the removal of some sins and avoid temporal punishments. St. Thomas Aquinas, a prolific philosopher, theologian and priest, wrote that sins can be washed away with the sprinkling of holy water. However, the amount of punishment and sin that can be relinquished by the holy water correlates to the individual’s faith in God as well as their remorse for their wrongdoings.

Holy Water Contains Sanctifying Effects

Holy water can help one acquire actual graces, which can help increase focus during prayer, attain more graces when attending mass, and feel closer to God, living life piously. 

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