Water is the main source of life, which is why most religions have used blessed water for ceremonies and anointing throughout history.  The name mystic means unity and closeness to the Divine. This water is constantly blessed, always rejuvenated with prayers and positive affirmations. When you use it, ask for these blessings in your life, protection, and God to watch over you. This water manifests all these blessings and energies when you use it daily.

Mystic water is a combination and mixture of the most holy waters from around the world.  Mystic water is sourced and blessed from the most sacred and holy sites in the world, then it is reblessed over & over until it's bottled.The constant repetition of prayer and positive vibrations bring the Divine into this water. Mystic Water is powerful and special, it is constantly receiving positive energy, vibrations, intentions, affirmations, love before it goes into the bottle. During the merge of these sacred waters we pray and bless this water to bring God's blessings upon it.

Use this  holy water to connect with God and bring his presence in our lives and blessings into your life.

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