Water is intimately connected to Devine. For centuries humans have used water as a medium for human encounter with the divine,These waters are a getaway to God’s blessings. Bring the presence of our creator all around you through daily prayer and reuse it. This water is sacred and magical!! It is sourced from the most sacred holy places on earth, the Jordan River, Lourdes Shrine, Guadalupe, Vatican City, Mecca and many other places. We decided to source this water from all these sacred places to bring you the most sacred water on earth. No matter what religion you practice this water will bring the presence of God around you.

Jordan River

For centuries, baptisms have been performed in the Jordan River, considered holy by many religious communities. As the site of the baptism of Jesus Christ, the Jordan River is the source of all holy water in Christianity and has for centuries attracted pilgrims from across the world.  This is where John the baptist did his sacred work.

Lourdes Shrine

Lourdes water is water which flows from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. The location of the spring was described to Bernadette Soubirous by an apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes on 25 February 1858. Since that time, many thousands of pilgrims to Lourdeshave followed the instruction of the Blessed Virgin Mary to "drink at the spring and bathe in it".

Zam Zam Water

Zamzam water is believed to be blessed holy water. The source of this water is the Zamzam well is situated within Masjid-al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The well is located 20 metres east of the Al-Kaaba, which is known as the holiest place in Islam. Zamzam Water has been scientifically proven to contain very high levels of Calcium and Magnesium, which can help decrease fatigue. This also provides the water with healing qualities thanks to high fluoride levels similar to conventional medicine properties.

Vatican City

This holy water is collected at the basilica of Vatican city. Blessed by the pope and filled with blessed water directly from St. Peter's square at Vatican City. This water has been blessed during public blessing in Saint Peter by Pope Francis.


Our Lady of Guadalupe is the perfect vessel for holy water used for personal blessings throughout the day! Exported from Mexico City, where the most important shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe is located.  The basílica of Our Lady of Guadalupe or Villa de Guadalupe receives 20 million tourists and pilgrims a year who visit the sacred place where a vision appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 in the hill of Tepeyac.

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