Mystic Water is holy water that has been gathered from only the most sacred and holy sites in the world like the Lourdes, Guadalupe, Vatican City, the Jordan River, and more. It is special and powerful, having been prayed over continuously to give it positive vibrations before being bottled. It can be used for religious and spiritual ceremonies and prayers, before or during life transitions or stressful situations, during yoga, meditation, and breathwork, and to reduce stress in everyday life.

Religious Ceremonies And Prayers

Holy water has long been used throughout history by religions and cultures all over the world as a conduit to connect with the divine, helping to merge the physical realm with the spiritual realm. Mystic Water can be used for baptisms and other religious ceremonies and prayers. It can also be used when entering a church. Simply pour a little Mystic Water on your finger and make a sign of the cross before you enter your church to cleanse yourself of any venial sins. For home prayers, you can utilize Mystic Water by combining it with a prayer of your choice.

Spiritual Ceremonies

Mystic Water can also be used even if you are not necessarily Christian or Catholic. Mystic Water can be used in any spiritual ceremony to connect yourself to the divine spirit, helping to establish the connection and legitimacy of the ceremony.

Before and During Life Transitions

Making transitions in life can be scary and overwhelming. Use Mystic Water to help you start on the right foot during these transitions. Whether you are moving into a new home or starting a new job, you can sprinkle Mystic Water in your home or bless yourself with some Mystic Water before starting the first day at the new job.

Before and During Stressful Situations

If you or a loved one is going through a stressful situation, perhaps undergoing surgery, the loss of a loved one, or a marital divorce, Mystic Water can be used to help take some of the weight off the situation.

During Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

To enhance your spiritual practice and help you enter a better flow state, you can start your yoga, meditation, or breathwork sessions by blessing yourself with some Mystic Water. You can also use it at the end of the sessions to practice gratitude and count your blessings.

Diffusing To Reduce Stress

Sprinkling your workspace with Mystic Water can help reduce stress. As a parent, if you have concerns for your child’s wellbeing, you can also use Mystic Water to bless the items your children use regularly like their bicycles or sports equipment for better peace of mind and protection against accidents and evils.

Why Choose Mystic Water?

When you choose Mystic Water, you make an active choice to bring amazing positive energy into your life, helping you to grow and bring about beneficial change. Mystic Water is the most blessed water on planet Earth and can be used as a shield to protect from negative intentions.

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