How to Use Mystic Water?

A. There are a couple of ways you can use Mystic Water. The most common way to use it is by dipping a couple of fingers in Mystic Water and making a sign of the cross to bless yourself. You can also choose to sprinkle Mystic Water in your home, office, car, or anything that needs a blessing.

What are the Uses of Mystic Water?

A. Mystic Water can be used for religious and spiritual ceremonies and prayers, before or during life transitions or stressful situations, during yoga, meditation, and breathwork, and to reduce stress in everyday life.

Does Mystic Water Expire?

A.  While Mystic Water itself does not have an expiration date – meaning that as long as it has been blessed by a priest or religious figure, it will remain holy, no matter how ago it was blessed, water has an expiration date. Mystic Water like any other water may start to go bad if it remains stagnant or it may form algae if it has been in a hot climate.

What will Happen if I Drink Mystic Water?

A. While Mystic Water has lots of benefits, drinking it will not bring about any magical effects, contrary to popular belief. Mystic Water cannot guarantee the safety of the water as it is a mixture of water from all different parts of the world, including rivers and wells, which means that it might not be safe to drink.

Where is Mystic Water Sourced From?

A. Mystic Water is sourced from only the holiest sites in the world, some of which include the Jordan River, Guadalupe, Zamzam Well, Vatican City, and Lourdes Shrine.

How is Mystic Water Different from Holy Water?

A. Unlike most holy water that has only been blessed by a single priest or religious figure in a church, Mystic Water is a mixture of the holiest waters from all across the world, from sites like the Lourdes, Jordan River, Guadalupe, and Vatican City. 

What are the Payment Options Available at Mystic Water?

A. We accept PayPal, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Meta, Shop Pay, and Discover.

What is Mystic Water’s Shipping and Returns Policy?

A. We offer tracked shipping on all orders with tracking information being shared as soon as the order has been dispatched. To avoid disappointment, please also check the delivery estimate displayed on the website before purchasing a product. All available shipping methods and charges to your exact location will be displayed on the checkout page. All customers are entitled to a return window of 14 days, starting from the date of delivery of the product(s).

Why Buy Mystic Water?

A. Mystic Water is a combination of only the holiest waters from the most sacred sources and is prayed over 24/7 before being bottled. Mystic Water has the ability to bring amazing energy into your life for positive change, ward off evil and provide protection from negativity.

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