Water has long played a crucial symbolic role in biblical faith since time immemorial. Holy water is water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy and is often used in baptism, the consecration of a church, and to bless and protect individuals from evil spirits. Holy water is one of the many sacramentals in the same family as rosaries, scapulars, statues, and medals that help the faithful with their devotion.

Reminder of God

When you use holy water – dipping your fingers into the holy water font and making a sign of a cross or touching your head, heart and shoulders with it just before entering the church, you are receiving grace from the holy water (if you are doing it in good faith.) It also reminds believers of their baptism and their faith in God. During a baptism, you are either submerged in water or have water poured over your head to cleanse you of any and all sins. Thus, using holy water is a constant reminder of the baptism, the birth into the Church, our love for God, and how we should be living under his guidance. The use of sacramentals unites people with the divine by leading us to the sacraments.

Cleansing Oneself

Israelite priests use holy water to cleanse their hands before and after offering sacrifice. There are also fonts at the entrances of the great Temple in Jerusalem so that believers could cleanse themselves before entering the place of worship.

Holy Water is also used by a priest in Liturgy in Mass to cleanse his hands to prepare the offerings of wine and bread which will become consecrated and the Blood and Body of Christ.

Manifest Miracles

Using holy water can help foster a closer connection to god and help manifest miracles through prayer and daily use. It helps bring the presence of God to you and allows you to bless yourself as well as others such as your loved ones. Using holy water can also help cleanse your mind, spirit, and soul, keeping positive energy around you and your loved ones and removing and protecting you from the negativity and evils that are plaguing your life.

Why Choose Mystic Water?

Mystic Water is the holiest water on Earth. Gathered from some of the most sacred water sources, our holy water is a combination of water from these holy sites and has been prayed over 24 hours every day before being bottled. It can bring positive energy into your life and help you feel more connected spiritually.

Our water sources include the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized and where John the baptist carried out his sacred work. Other locations include Guadalupe, Lourdes in France as well as Vatican City. The holy water from Vatican City has been collected at the basilica which is filled directly from St. Peter’s square. It has been blessed by Pope Francis. Bring positive energy into your life today with Mystic Waters.

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